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Welcome to MeowSteal SMP's rules page!
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MeowSteal SMP Rules:

1. No hacking or unfair advantages of any kind. (this includes X-Ray!)

2. No spamming (in discord and in-game)

3. No threatening people

4. asking for admin without reason (apply on discord)

5. We would prefer if you didnt swear... just if you do, dont swear too much or use too harsh words.

6. All rules apply to nicknames as well!

7. We dont really want toxicity but its not punishable

8. Dont abuse bugs... If you find one, pls report it

9. Advertising other servers. (context matters! For example, if i say "wanna 1v1 on hypixel duels?" then thats fine but if ur like "join my server! ip: example.com" then thats punishable)

10. no nsfw in any way

11. no constant harrassment

12. no encouraging suicide or other things like that

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules can result in punishment. Punishment varies by rule broken.